I Honestly Didn’t See This Coming

It’s no secret that I miss quite a bit of work.  Usually due to my children’s illnesses or my own if bad enough.  I’ve always walked a fine line in the discipline process in regards to absenteeism.  What I never thought would happen is that I would lose my job because of it.  But I did.

I worked Sunday night, my first night back after an awesome 2 week vacation with the girls.  I had an email that I needed to see my manager about attendance.  I had called out the beginning of May.  However, I assumed that one of the absences fell off so I would be okay.  Also, this particular hospital counts a failure to punch in or late punch in as a tardy and 3 tardies equal one absence.  I had also forgot to write one of my shifts on my calendar so was late BY 10 MINUTES.  I already had 2 tardies for a late punch but I am never late to work, usually there 30-40 minutes early…….get to gabbing a few times and forgot to punch in time.  Because of this I no longer have a job.

I am devastated!  I met with my manager, assistant manager and a woman from HR.  I asked if there was some sort of discipline process we could work out so that I wouldn’t be terminated.  They had absolutely no interest in working anything out. 

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