Christmas time!

The Christmas holiday is behind us.  We had a very nice celebration with family.  I worked the night before so came home, changed and we went to my parent’s house.  The girl’s were over the moon about all their gifts, we did good!  Aliyah had a little hitch.  For some reason she froze and was super worried about us watching her open gifts.  Not sure where it came from but it had something to do with my (adult) nephews being there.  Thinking maybe there’s a little crush on her cousin, lol.  She got over it after awhile and did manage to open gifts.  Don’t know what gets into her head sometimes.  She was the same way at her birthday!

We ate to excess as usual!  It was a gourmet breakfast and dinner.  Mom made baked eggs, bacon, hash brown potatoes, and almond bread.  We had mimosa’s to drink along with coffee.  Then at dinner my brother had roasted a prime rib (YUM), we had baked potatoes, green beans, lefse, fruit ambosia, wild rice pilaf.  There was berry or pecan pie for dessert.  I felt like I wouldn’t need to eat for a week after all that!

I’m still struggling with my depression and anxiety.  My parents are helping me out financially but still really in the red and will be for awhile.  I do wish the anxiety would go down several notches.  It’s very hard to function and concentrate when this happens to me.  Not a good thing in my line of work!  If I take my anxiolytic then it also interferes with problem solving and memory.  Very frustrating and I can’t very well tell coworkers I won’t be able to work through the issues that come up!  Nurses are the WORST at judging people with psychiatric conditions.  I confess that I do my own fair share of it.  Nothing brings out the whacky like being in a hospital bed!  So I don’t say much about the anxiety.  Mostly just say I have depression issues.  I keep plugging ahead.

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